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Nano aur Main: A beautiful tale of a grandpa and his endearing little sparrow!

Saboor Aly and Qavi Khan together will stir your soul!


One of the cutest relationship we experience is with our grandparents. Lucky are those who have these relations alive in their life. Despite of such a generation gap, time spend with grandparents is usually full of fun and laughter. Grandparents can be our best friends and secret sharers, they are the ones who can scold your parents. And celebrating just that beautiful relationship, is a short film. Nano Aur Main, starring Saboor Aly and Qavi Khan.

Family Films presents  Nano Aur Main: A Tale of Grandpa’s Little Sparrow, a story based on a cute and close knitted relationship of a grandfather and his grand daughter. The role of grandpa is played by the legendary actor Qavi Khan while the cute little sparrow, the grand daughter is played  by the gorgeous Saboor Aly.

Nano Aur Main will stir your soul in the right ways. The short film, brimming with emotions will make you want to talk to those who you’ve forgotten to value in your life. Saboor Aly and Qavi Khan together create a beautiful bonding that tugs at your heart. Nano Aur Main is not to be missed at any cost. The short film is beautiful and restores your faith in love and relationships!

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