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Saboor Aly is supper annoyed with drama “Mannat Murad” for copying her wedding look

Saboor Aly is supper annoyed about her wedding look being copied in the Geo TV drama “Mannat Murad”!

Taking it to social media, the popular actress slammed the drama for blatantly copying her wedding look.

Saboor Aly compared her photo from the wedding day with Iqra Aziz dressed as a bride in the drama Mannat Murad’s latest episode in an Instagram Story post said, “And how am I suppose to feel about this? My moment, my memories, my sentiments. My vision and my look for the most special day of my life. My heart was put into every little detail of my entire look. However, there is a difference between being inspired and copying special day copied blatantly.”



Here is what seems to irk Saboor, it’s not just her wedding dress from the same designer but also the venue and setup of the Mannat Murad’s shoot.


On the other hand, fashion designer Faiza Saqlain also addressed the dress controversy, asserting her exclusive rights as the creator of the FS bridal gown worn by Saboor Aly at her wedding and Iqra Aziz in the drama Mannat Murad’s recent episode.

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