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Guess karo Nida Yasir show pe kon aya? Netizens slam morning show for promoting zero talent

Whenever someone goes viral over social media, people awaits Nida Yasir‘s invitation and as expected she didn’t disappoint this time as well.

The morning show hosted the latest viral sensation girl from a dance video ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aja’ at the Good Morning Pakistan Morning Show.

For those still unserved, Ayesha, a Bahawalpur-based girl, became a social media sensation overnight after her video of dancing to a Bollywood song at a wedding broke the internet.

The guest on the morning show revealed that it was her best friend’s wedding and the song was her friend’s favourite so she had to perform on it.

And that’s the reason once again Nida Yasir is trending on social media timelines.

Here we want to raise here is that what’s the purpose of these morning shows? Every one already saw what the viral thing was all about. And inviting viral sensations to the shows and asking dumb questions and making them dance aiming to promote the weird shadi culture in morning hours.

If you just go through the clips of today’s morning show you will get the idea how dumb the content producer behind the show is. There was no sense the host was uttering during the show and we wonder how come people bear these types of shows?


Is that what this morning show is all about?

Well the netizens had expecting the viral girl to be appearing on Nida Yasir’s show soon and it came true.



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