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PEMRA bans broadcast of drama Hadsa

PEMRA has prohibited the broadcast/re-broadcast of the drama serial 'Hadsa' upon a complaint filed by Barrister Khadija Siddiqui

PEMRA has banned the broadcast of the drama serial Hadsa!

A notification issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority stated that the broadcast and rebroadcast of the drama is prohibited with immediate effect.

It added that the ban has been imposed under Section 27 of the PEMRA Act and that the matter had been referred to based on ‘public outrage and sentiments’.

As reported, PEMRA has prohibited the broadcast/re-broadcast of the drama serial ‘Hadsa’ upon a complaint filed by Barrister Khadija Siddiqui through her counsel Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota.

PEMRA stated that people had complained that the drama could not only trigger the trauma of the incident in the mind of the victim but also ‘tarnish’ the image of the country.

PEMRA stated that it could lead to Pakistan being seen as unsafe for women.

The regulatory authority also stated that it observed the story of the drama to be ‘highly inappropriate, disturbing, and not depicting the true picture of Pakistani society.’

Intense outrage hit social media demanding a ban on the drama in question journalist Fereeha Idress revealed how the drama ‘Hadsa’ was similar to the horrific motorway rape crime,


Earlier in the week following the backlash, Hadiqa Kiani denied the claims that the story of ‘Hadsa’ was related to the 2020 motorway rape incident.

She plays the lead role in the drama.

Singer-turned-actress took to social media the clear the air about allegations made against the newly started drama.

Responding to the backlash, Hadia Kiani in a statement posted on social media said, “To know that something I have been a part of is being used to hurt and trigger a survivor is something I cannot stand for.”

“When I was asked to do the role of Taskeen for Hadsa my first question was ‘Is this related to the motorway incident?’ ‘Is this the project if it was based on anyone’s story’. The team behind the project explicitly told me ‘No’,” Kiani wrote on her social media.

As per the synopsis of the Geo Entertainment drama, “Hadsa follows the life of Taskeen (Kiani), a headstrong and opinionated woman who leads a happy and successful life with her loving husband and children. The wedding preparations for her eldest son’s marriage are underway however, a sudden and horrific incident shatters Taskeen’s world, leaving her grappling with its aftermath.”


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