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Sanju’s trailer has left us awe-struck

Biopics are often about glorifying the individual or as we saw with the extremely innocuous Azhar, presenting excuses for one. Sanju provides something quite refreshing. Perhaps, it is down to Sanjay Dutt and his acceptance of the past. By the looks of it, the trailer is not about presenting excuses for Baba. It doesn’t find justifications. He takes on his problems with drugs, women and the underworld head on. The life of Sanjay Dutt is absolutely extraordinary. But for him to allow such access, it is praiseworthy. Many a life lesson can be learned from it.

Sanju’s teaser captivates one and all

Obviously, the power of Raj Kumar Hirani to stimulate human emotions is there. With the most simplistic things and scenarios he can conjure up such feelings with you. And this works not just for love but for anguish as well. The life of Sanjay Dutt, has given him such a potent story with great peaks and through. One can expect magic.

However, even the ‘dark’ scenes, there is color and perhaps inevitably at the end of it will be hope. This is the outlook of Rajkumar Hirani towards life. However, I would someday love to see a film by someone like Anurag Kashyap on the murkier days of Baba’s life.  A point of view which is not as personal for Sanjay Dutt. Perhaps we will see less sympathy for the man and more investment in the story.

For now however, we can hope to enjoy what looks like a stellar film and dazzling acting by Ranbhir Kapoor.


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