Sanju’s teaser captivates one and all

Raj Kumar Hirani has perfected the art of mixing entertainment and social messaging. This formula has worked for fantastically well for him. The intriguing thing about his upcoming venture, Sanju was the fact it is based on true story. A well publicized life. The writer and the director have to stay within the bounds of this one man’s life. There are certain facets to Mr Hirani’s film making which we see repeatedly. Will he go in a different direction and create something uniquely different or will he find enough material in Sanju baba’s story to shape it in his own, traditional way? Having seen the trailer, it looks as if that the feel good film is what we will get from Sanju (not that those films are bad).

It must have been a hell of a challenge for Ranbir Kapoor, getting the look, the body movements, and tone of voice so right. We cant demand to see a copy of the man but his portrayal. From the trailer, it seems that the balance has been achieved. Within the small teaser, I get comfortable with the idea of RK playing Sanjay Dutt and not be distracted by it.

Sanjay Dutt’s biopic; Rajkumar Hirani’s biggest challenge so far?

The trailer has shown a varied life times of Sanjay Dutt. Different portraits of ‘Sanjay Dutt’ have shown the ups and downs he has seen. The last bit of the teaser sheds a little light on what we can expect. There are few lives as puzzling as Sanjay Dutt’s. It would be fun to see these characters on display in the film develop and how they fit into the Raju Hirani mold of film making.

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