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5 shopping outlets every Paksitani shopaholic wishes were in Pakistan

There’s an extreme shortage of international brands in Pakistan. However, there are many resources to buy them. Uncountable number of facebook pages, numerous websites and some independent sellers bring those products in Pakistan and sell them here. There’s nothing wrong in it. After all, that’s all people here can do, buying from 3rd party resources. But who really likes paying almost the double of the actual price? Of course, the seller has to pay a catastrophic amount in form of custom duties and need to make some profit for the services too, which in turn gets on the buyer who has to pay even more extra to get the product.

When a country has a brand’s flagship stores, it saves people from paying extra custom duties and taxes since the brand officially sells the product in the country which eventually plays a role in the economy of a country. while in Pakistan, there are little to no such brands that have officially invested here. And people who can actually afford the products on actual prices, end up not getting it since it is really too over-priced for a common individual.

There are some international shopping outlets every Pakistani wishes were in Pakistan, and some of them are:

Forever 21:

An American fast-fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, California, this store is definitely on every shopaholic’s wish list. This outlet is said to be one of the best for price and quality as the products star from $1 and go onward. The clothes from Forever 21 are what people really wish to get since there’s something chic about them and for such prices it is a steal. But this definitely doesn’t help Pakistanis because we have to pay a high-end price for such middle-end / lower-end products. What breaks my heart even more is that there are many Forever 21 outlets in our neighboring county but none in Pakistan.

Ulta Beauty:

Ulta Beauty is a US-exclusive chain of stores that cater to beauty market with over 900 stores throughout the USA. It is the one-stop-shop for all major drugstore and high-end beauty brands and they always, always have amazing deals going on. And Ulta Beauty coupons…well they are cherry on the top for sure. In fact, some brands even release products that are only Ulta-exclusive, like Morphe Brushes’ 35V palette, which is initially only available at Ulta. And what’s better than having a store that has all the affordable makeup in one place? If there was an Ulta here I wouldn’t even have to go anywhere else to fulfill my makeup cravings.


Primark is a clothing and accessory retailer headquartered in Dublin and has over 350 outlets in Europe and America. It is a perfect place for everyone who wants to shop without breaking their bank. One can find the best casual attires here for unbelievable prices. The range and variety is phenomenal and one has numerous options to choose from.

Victoria’s Secret

Okay, can we just get it straight?
It is very much common to the female population of Pakistan that there are no proper spots to buy good inner wear from. Yes, this is something very easily available  but what is good about it if you have to buy multiple pieces that last no more than a few weeks? There’s such shortage of good lingerie in Pakistan and this has suppressed women to talk about it even more even though it is a need, not a luxury. And Victoria’s Secret is a lot more than that. Their scents are to die for! Some of them are available at Agha’s or Scentsation but there is never enough stock.


Sephora is probably tops my wish list when it comes to shopping outlets that are not yet in Pakistan (Yes, yet. There’s nothing wrong in hoping for a better future). Sephora is an international giant of chain of stores that cater to beauty and skincare market all over the world (except few countries). Sephora has about 2300 stores in 33 countries worldwide, even there are some in India! It is a heaven for every makeup lover and skincare junkie out there. And there points-reward system is one of the best a retail store can ever have to offer to its customers. Sephora is not only a retail store, by the way. It is in fact a brand and its own products are really amazing as well. All the other major luxury brands are available here.


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