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Marks and Spencer takes down alleged ‘subliminal’ anti-Palestinian Christmas Instagram ad

M&S has apologised after posting an outtake from its Christmas advert

Marks and Spencer has removed the alleged ‘subliminal’ anti-Palestinian Christmas Instagram ad following backlash.

The picture now removed, was shared on social media with the caption: “This Christmas, do what you love… like saying no to paper hats” and “#LoveThismasNotThatmas.”

However, a number of netizens saw a resemblance between the colours of the hats and the Palestinian flag, which led to a backlash.


In a statement, the British retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) clarified that the image posted was an outtake from a Christmas advert, which was recorded in August, with traditionally coloured red, green, and silver Christmas party hats. However, we have removed the post following feedback.

Marks and Spencer was being called out for a ‘subliminal’ anti-Palestinian Christmas Instagram ad which was posted over the weekend.

Adding more to it another video teaser of M&S  for the Christmas campaign featuring a star, having the blue eyeliner with flames in her eyes was more than enough to irk netizens who find it similar to portraying Israel’s aggression towards Palestinians.

Though M&S hasn’t clarified this.

The ad has attracted a lot of criticism.

The social media posts have irked many, leading to #BoycottMarksAndSpencer #BoycottMarksAndSpencers demands.



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