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Pakistani reacts over fashion brand’s “affordable” collection costing 20K only!

Is it really affordable ?


It seems like brands have misread the concept of affordability or for them there only exists the upper and elite class who can think that an unstitched dress for Rs 20,000/- is affordable!

It all started on Sunday night, when Elan’s creative director Khadeejah Shah shared in a tweet that the upcoming launch of a new collection named Tresor (that’s French for the word ‘treasure’) at an “affordable” price range, starting from Rs18,000-20,000!

However, the price tags mentioned in the Instagram post, went up another Rs10,000/-  if someone wants to get the stitched one.

Well, Pakistanis strongly reacted over this so-called affordable collection, wondering that how come Rs18-20K is an affordable range for an unstitched dress! It seems like the brand is mocking the buying capacity of an average person of the country whose average salary equals to the price of this suit which is not even stitched!

Well there are some tweeps who think that this range is actually affordable! and they must have got their own reasons:

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