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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Manto makes it to Cannes Film Festival 2018

Nandita Das’s film Manto, a biopic based on the life of the legendary writer Sadaat Hassan Manto has made it to the most prestigious film festival i.e. Cannes Film Festival 2018. The film will be competing in the Uncertain Regard category along with 20 other films.

An exuberant Das shared heartfelt message on her social media. Nandita Das wrote, ” Having been on the jury twice, and an audience at Cannes many a time, I have to say, it is truly a haven for film lovers. I look forward to seeing how the audience there reacts to this film that I have lived with for almost 7 years. For me, this film and everything else that I do, will always remain a means to trigger conversations, a small step towards ‘the world want to see’.”

The veteran actor Nawazuddin too expressed his feelings on Twitter, “And it is possible that Saadat Hasan dies, but MANTO remains alive,” Glad to inform that ‘MANTO’ is selected for competition at #Cannes2018 in #UnCertainRegard section. Congratulations @nanditadas and Team #Manto

The release date  of the film has not yet been announced,  Manto will see its  first premiere at the most prestigious film festival. Nandita Das earlier talked about her film Manto that, “It’s not a cradle-to-grave biopic but a drama celebrating the life and work of a writer who was a natural rebel, a man who went against the tide without being a conscious activist.” She further added, “The film will cover a period of seven years between 1946 and 1952, which was an important phase in the history of the subcontinent.”

The 71st annual Cannes Film Festival is scheduled to be held from 8 to 19 May 2018 in the city of Cannes.

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