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Trailer of Sohai Ali Abro starrer Motorcycle Girl is super impressive!

It’s not too difficult to make a good trailer. With all the technological tools at hand, it is very easy to oversell what a film has to offer. Trailer looks good is all too a commonly used term to define an upcoming film. However, being a cinephile, I have come to expect not too much from a trailer. Even if I absolutely love the trailer, I enter the cinema with caution. Caution in shape of not over expecting. However, Motorcycle Girl has had me thinking otherwise.

I haven’t been to a film school, but those who have tell me that a director doesn’t try to cramp everything in trailer. So on that count, this trailer succeeds. It looks crisp. Obviously, the film is inspired by true events from the life of Zenith Irfan, the film has a strong but obvious storyline. What makes the trailer look brilliant is the way the story teller has showcased (so far, but touch wood) the struggles of a women. A strong willed women, who has aspiration of her own (albeit, based on her father’s dreams). From her life decisions to how she speaks, it is all about how the society wants it to be. It kind of touches upon internalized misogyny by women as well.

Writer and director by Adnan Sarwar, who also gave us Shah,  looks to have made another biopic which not only captures the euphoria of an underdog winning against all odds but also puts up a mirror to the society. Not to ignore the brilliant direction and cinematography the film offers. What more can one ask for?

Motorcycle Girl releases on April 20th, and here we are waiting to review this for you.


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