Social media attracts 3 foreign women to Pakistan seeking their love of life

Seemingly Pakistani men are high in demand!

Social media attracts 3 foreign women to arrive in Pakistan in search of love in a single month! Seemingly Pakistani men are high in demand.

Case no 1:

Nikoli Anara Gulsalos, a citizen of the South American country Chile, landed in Charsadda earlier this week, and after embracing Islam, she married her social media friend Ikramullah of Bhusakhel village in a local court.

According to Ikramullah, they became friends on TikTok in April.


“She wants to take me with her to America and says that if I did not agree to join her there she would stay in Pakistan,” Ikramullah said.

Ikramullah has already been granted a US visa and they will be leaving the country on August 27.

Nicole is a manager at an Apple store.

After converting to Islam and marrying Ikramullah, Nicole has taken up the Islamic name of Noreen. And as they both don’t know each other’s native languages, the couple uses Google Translate to communicate.

Case no 2:

Anju, 35, a resident of New Delhi arrived in Pakistan. The visa information form says that Anju was allowed to stay in Upper Dir for 30 days.

Indian woman Anju crossed the border on July 23 to marry her Pakistani friend Nasrullah.

She became friends with Nasrullah, 29, of Upper Dir, on Facebook around four years ago.

Their friendship turned into love and she came all the way from the Indian capital to KP’s mountainous region apparently for her love of life.

In the latest development, it emerges that Anju’s Facebook friend, Nasrulla has said that they have no plans to marry and she is only on a visit to Pakistan

Back in Rajasthan, Anju’s husband hopes for her safe return as they have a 15-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son

Case no 3:

A Chinese woman Gao Fang, 20, reached the neighboring district of Lower Dir to unite with her teenage male friend Javed, 18.

As reported, Fang arrived in the Samar Bagh area of Lower Dir on a tourist visa which is valid for three months and has converted to Islam as she plans to marry Javed.

Fang entered Pakistan through the Sust border crossing between Pakistan and China. She then traveled through the Gilgit-Baltistan region before entering the KP province.

Lower Dir District Police Officer Ziauddin confirmed the development to the local news outlet and told that the police had provided security to the Chinese woman and restricted her movement due to security concerns.

The DPO added Javed and Fang met on the social media app Snapchat and were in contact for three years.



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