10 pivotal moments in 2020 when Emirates SkyCargo showcased its global leadership of the air cargo industry

Throughout the year, Emirates SkyCargo continued to deliver essential commodities and connect vital trade lanes across continents

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The year 2020 was a year unlike any other for the aviation and the air cargo industry.

Faced with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global industries and on people’s wellbeing, Emirates SkyCargo redoubled its commitment to being a reliable, global partner to businesses and communities across international markets.

Throughout the year, Emirates SkyCargo continued to deliver essential commodities and connect vital trade lanes across continents by being agile and responding innovatively to unprecedented and rapidly changing market conditions.

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Here are 10 pivotal moments when Emirates SkyCargo demonstrated its commitment and leadership to keeping global supply chains operational for essential commodities.

  1. 100 destinations in 100 days: When Emirates’ worldwide passenger operations were suspended in late March 2020 in the face of the pandemic, Emirates SkyCargo lost a significant proportion of its global cargo capacity and for a brief period had access only to the network and operations of its fleet of 11 Boeing 777 freighters. However, the cargo carrier acted quickly to rebuild its global operations and within 100 days from 25 March 2020, had managed to reconnect 100 global destinations across six continents with scheduled cargo flights on a weekly basis.
  2. Passenger Freighters: In an unprecedented move to face an extraordinary situation, in late March 2020, Emirates SkyCargo started using Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for cargo-only flights with around 40-50 tonnes of cargo loaded in the bellyhold of the aircraft. The flights were used to deliver PPE, test kits and other essential cargo.
  3. Seat and overhead bin loading: In yet another historic moment in April 2020, Emirates SkyCargo started loading PPE and other select commodities on the seats in Economy Class and in the overhead bins inside the aircraft cabin to make more room for essential cargo.
  4. Modification of Economy Class for floor loading of cargo: Faced with a surge in demand for the movement of PPE, medical supplies, food and other essential commodities, Emirates modified 10 Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft at the Emirates Engineering Centre in Dubai to remove passenger seats from Economy Class entirely to facilitate additional cargo volume of up to 132 cubic metres in the aircraft. These aircraft have played a key role in providing connectivity between production and consumer markets.Since June 2020, Emirates has worked on converting additional Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to meet the global demand for air cargo capacity.

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