Meet the Hands Behind the Famous PK Meat & Food Company, Saqib Butt

His ompany is widely known in the industry for its sustainable development

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One of the premium brands of scrumptious frozen foods in Pakistan, PK Meat & Food Company is growing rapidly, all because of the endless efforts of Saqib Butt.

The frozen food market of Pakistan is majorly based on chicken. PK Meat & Food Company has successfully developed a market of their own segment, increasing sales in the overall market of Pakistan. By far, it is the ONLY frozen food company that is offering a wide variety of ready-to-cook and half-cooked mouthwatering delicacies in Beef, Chicken, and Mutton.  Every single item in their product list is prepared to perfection, in such a way that keeps the customer wanting more. The ultimate goal is to maintain and deliver the highest quality of frozen food and meat, nationwide. In order to achieve this, each step of the operation is geared towards continued access to livestock resources. This is why carefully managing livestock is PK’s highest priority.


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Moreover, the company is widely known in the industry for its sustainable development, which is a necessary part of the day-to-day operation. It goes without saying that it isn’t only a renowned company but also a responsible one.

Achieving all of this is merely as easy as it sounds. It sure does take blood, sweat, and tears to MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN. So, we decided to hear the man behind the curtains and get a closer look at how it all started and what were the challenges.

Saqib Butt

Saqib Butt, CEO of PK Meat & Food Company, is a dedicated individual who turned his family business into a high-selling frozen-food brand in Pakistan. It all started with a vision to do something bigger and better. Something meaningful that not only brings success but also marks its name in the Pakistan industry.

“A name that will be remembered today and in the coming future for its finger-licking goodness that sets them apart from the industry competition”.

But anyhow, it wasn’t smooth sailing. There were up and downs and also sideways. Mainly because the Pakistan market has numerous challenges for businesses like us. However, after many trials and errors and countless mistakes, the company has gained its own reputation in the industry. Kudos to the mastermind behind PK Meat & Frozen Food, it is now one of the leading frozen food brands in the market in Pakistan, and since PK was the first exporter of fresh chilled meat from Pakistan, it has gained a reputation of a premium frozen food company in Pakistan, which doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products and only works with the select top retailers of Pakistan.

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