Food bloggers from Karachi with extremely tempting Instagram feeds

If these feeds don't get you drooling, I don't know what will.


Who doesn’t love food?

People who say they are not foodie, I don’t believe them. It’s not about wanting to eat everything that exist in the category. I’m sure everyone has their own favourites that they can eat anytime. We search for related tags on Instagram and see how delicious the food looks,  but it is not always easy to find the best spot to enjoy your favourite dish, besides making it on your own.

If you reside in Karachi and are looking for some great food options and their reviews, you need to follow these food bloggers from Karachi.

Karachi Food Guide (Karachi Food Guide)

This blog is a feast to one’s eye. It’s not just about the food, but the art of capturing it. You’ll find numerous flat-lay shots of food and honestly, it is so much aesthetically pleasing!

Eat Out Tonight (@eatouttonight)

This blog is full of helpful reviews and can definitely help you decide which places to go to satisfy the cravings of your inner foodie.

Mujtaba (@mrfoodiekarachi)

I would call this one a very sophisticated feed. Every food shot is so perfectly taken that it makes the food look even more tempting. Do you see this delicious chocolaty dessert? This has my heart!

Aliza Anees (@foodieshoodie)

This is another source to know the best places and things to eat in Karachi. This girl takes amazing food pictures and her feed is full of scrumptious delicacies!

Aqsa Fawad (@gottablogger)

This photo reminds me of one word: Aesthetics.

Another food blog with so many satisfying food shots, amazingly honest reviews with prices of each thing that is tried and tested. What else does one need?

Neha Yusuf (@peplums.and.pineapples)

You can say it is a multidimensional blog, however more focused towards food. It is one of the best places where you can find some excellent reviews and food suggestions.

Anum Durrani (@_biteofkarachi)

Here, you not only can find suggestions for foods from restaurants and cafes but also some great recommendations for street food. The street food shots actually makes this blog more scrumptiously tempting!

Hamza’s Food Ventures (@hamzasfoodventures)

This guy’s feed is filled with mouth-watering  food from the places he’s been with his remarks on each food he tries and tests. The succulent burgers on his profile makes me crave for burgers every time I see them.

Do you know any other bloggers from Karachi that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  • You missed great bloggers like eatingkhi, oh my greek salad, feastkarachi, girlgottaeat.etc. You really should research properly before publishing such articles

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