Realist Media’s Founder Vicky Mayo Explains What Enlisted Him in List of Successful Pakistani Entrepreneurs

It takes years and decades to reach the point where Vicky is standing at present – the epitome of success.


Individuals learn one or the other thing in order to make most out of their adulthood. Likewise, when it comes to Vicky Mayo who is an internet sensation because of his company Realist Media and hands-on experience in social media marketing, there was one thing that never left him in any condition – everything is constant except time. That is one thing that if is given due respect can make you worthy of anything that is there in this world. Keeping that in mind, he also did what experiences of deceased souls had told – take care of time and time will take care of you.

Waqas Ali is the real person behind the nick Vicky Mayo. He is not just an ordinary person because of several reasons. Firstly, he is just 27 and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Secondly, he is one of those fishes in the pond which grows fast and then becomes one of the biggest ones in the deep blue sea.

It takes years and decades to reach the point where Vicky is standing at present – the epitome of success. However, what it means to him and how he touched the pivot point of success is something that we would like to narrate in his own words.

This is what Vicky Mayo tells about himself, Realist Media, and the journey towards the sensational personality of the online world.

“Today I have fame, money, and everything that I once thought of. Becoming a known figure on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, I learned that the road to Evangelista was not smooth; it was bouncy with all sorts of ups and downs. Since I belong from a typical humble family, let alone be the depth or versatility internet holds, they didn’t know a thing about the internet. Even then, I managed to persuade them to let me do what is needed – delve into the sea and find out about the depth by experimenting with a variety of avenues to generate money.

For that, however, I had to bid farewell to my studies. Therefore, I drop out of college and then started investing time (the only thing I owned at that period) on all that from where there were prospects of getting rich. Yes, getting rich was not my ultimate goal but it was always there to push me to make decisions in life that could make me all – famous, wealthy, and owner of a company.

Keeping my vision aims, and goals in mind, I began the quest to be successful in what I had planned. My first stop on the road towards Realist Media was trying out SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was not what I had planned but yes came on my way as a stepping stone. Soon after trying it out for a few months, I realized that it is not meant for me. But I also understood that if it is not meant for me that means it is going to lead me towards something better. That’s how I landed on SMM – the entirely new world of marketing.
With all that I had in my pocket and the will to do well in SMM, I managed to find ways to ace in this domain. I failed many times just like others, but I rose up more than others. And honestly, this is what makes me, SOCIAL MEDIA EVANGELIST.

Nevertheless, there were many challenges and hardships that I lived and passed alone. There was not a single person who could take care of my business, guide or explain steps into making a business run smoothly or be a mentor. Despite all those drawbacks, I stood with chin up. I didn’t ask anyone to help me out financially or morally.

There were times when my knowledge and power of social media was not enough; making mistakes here and there was expected too. Whenever I got to know new methods, strategies, or tactics to make content viral on social media or had the audacity to rectify my learnings, I did. Never was a moment that I stood shaky. I always knew one thing – confidence is the key to staying tall in front of others. Hence, with some time on investing dynamics and functionality, I pulled it this far where I am the owner of a sound company.”

Learning, unlearning, and relearning is all that you need to understand in making wise and bolder decisions. Knowing that Vicky Mayo is a young businessman with great vision and lookout to help others in the same field, you might wish to contact him personally. Here are the details of his social media accounts. Kindly follow him to get to know more about the success story, challenges, life, and much more.

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