Stolen ‘Gold Toilet’ Artist Wishes Thiefs Are Robinhood Types

Recently an 18-carat, fully functional toilet has been stolen and the artist hopes it's a prank


Earlier last week, on Thursday, Britain’s Blenheim Palace displayed an 18-carat, fully functional, a gold toilet that has been built by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan as a unique piece of art. Then comes Sunday, and around dawn, the toilet is stolen from the premises of the museum.

While police are still trying to figure out who’s the culprit behind the theft, Maurizio has an entirely different perspective on the heist.

“Who’s so stupid to steal a toilet? I had forgotten for a second that it was made out of gold,” said the artist of his first reaction when he heard the news.

“I wish it was a prank,” he added.

However, despite coming to terms with reality, the Italian artist has a very interesting wish. He hopes that the thieves are of Robinhood likes (Englisg folklore of Bandits who stole goods and helped poor).

“I hope it still is. I want to be positive and think the robbery is a kind of Robin Hood-inspired action,” said Maurizio.

Only time will tell whether Maurizio’s hunch proves out to be true or not. Meanwhile, police have arrested a 66-year suspect who is in custody, and the police assume that the thieves might very well be melting the toilet to acquire gold.

The toilet, made entirely of gold is indeed a unique piece of art that was on display at the Blenheim Palace. It is reported that visitors were allowed to book three-minute time slots to use it.

Earlier when the gold artwork was on display in New York’s Guggenheim museum, more than 100,000 people lined up to use the toilet during the course of a year.

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