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Apple’s newest iPhone designs inspire plenty of memes

The new IPhone design that appears to have a camera with three lenses has provided some folks the bizarre sensation to create memes internationally.


Apple’s 2019 iPhone event on Tuesday, has been the main highlight all over the world. As soon as the people get to know about this year’s newest models, they can’t hold on sharing their feedback over it.

And guess what that has resulted in a tsunami of memes all over the social media, even Malala Yousifzai couldn’t hold herself for putting in her share of a joke.

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Keeping in mind the world’s youngest Nobel laureate has a great sense of humor, here is what she shared in a tweet:

What has ignited people’s imagination is Apple’s new three-camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro and Max.

Here is how reactions for new iPhones kept trending on social media.





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