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FBR advises citizens to file their tax returns by December 8

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Saturday has advised taxpayers to file their returns by December 8 with a warning it will not extend the deadline for submission any further.

The FBR  issued the notification on its official Twitter account, “Taxpayers should submit annual tax returns before December 8, submission date will not be extended”.

Earlier in October, the federal board of revenue had given an extension in the last date for tax returns for 2020 from September 30 to December 8.

FBR said that for the convenience of citizens, it has introduced an easy-to-fill form for the year 2020 so that they can file their tax returns easily.

FBR further added that taxpayers can submit their statements through the “wizard-based simple web interface”. They can also submit their returns through a smartphone.

The revenue board also warned that it has identified citizens who have not paid their returns despite having taxable income adding that individuals with higher expenses but lower incomes have also been identified.

“The FBR database contains details of the expenses and income of all such individuals,” it said.

“All such people one last chance” to file their tax returns according to their correct income or they will be prosecuted as per the law” FBR added.

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