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Imran Abbas slams Sindh Government for the restoration initiatives of ancient sites

Pakistan’s acclaimed actor Imran Abbas has criticised the culture and heritage department of Sindh for its archaeological restoration efforts on the ancient sites.

The 37-year-old actor, who is an architect by profession, labeled the provincial government’s efforts as ‘huge crime sin’ to restoration.

“Being an architect its really heart wrenching to watch such a huge crime/sin to architecture and restoration of this archeological site. Can anyone stop them?” Turning to Facebook, Abbas shared the before and after pictures of certain heritage sites including, Tando Fazal Monument (Masjid) Hyderabad.

It can be seen in the pictures, the heritage sites have been painted white and refurbished, instead of being preserved to their original state.

The pictures initially shared in a tweet by the culture department of the province which has since been deleted.

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