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Indonesia Stages Coffin Parade Reminding Threat Of COVID-19

Health officials in Indonesia on Tuesday paraded empty coffins through the streets of Jakarta reminding people that coronavirus is still a threat as cases are still surging in one of Asia’s worst-hit nations.

According to the details, a group of truck hearses and pallbearers paraded through the streets of the Indonesian capital, with some contributors also donning headpieces depicting ghost-like figures known as pocong.

“We’re hoping this coffin parade will remind people to be more aware of the risk of disobeying health safety rules,” said Mundari, the head of south Jakarta’s Cilandak district, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

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“They can picture how things would be if they died of COVID-19,” he added.

The development comes as Indonesia’s coronavirus toll mounts, with the deadly infection killing more than 100 frontline doctors and possibly hundreds of children.

So far, the world’s fourth most populous nation has reported over 177,000 confirmed cases and 7,505 deaths, but with some of the world’s lowest testing rates the true scale is widely believed to be much greater.

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