Miss Venezula contest will no longer publish their contestants’ measurements

Organizers of the event say that they are going to fight the stereotype standards of beauty


For the first time in history Miss Venezuela contest will not publish the 24 contestants’ waist, bust and hip measurements as the pageant participants face criticism on their physical appearances.

Miss Venezuela contest is going to take place in Caracas on Thursday. The contest has been running since 1952 and has an amazing record on the international stage, having produced seven Miss Universe winners and six in Miss World.

Traditionally speaking, the contestant’s vital measurements have been published with a 90-centimeter (36- inch) bust, 60-centimeters waist and 90-centimeter hips. However the organizers of the event now say that they want to fight the stereotypes standards of beauty and hence no longer will publish any sort of measurement.

Gabriela Isler, the pageant’s spokesperson and Venezuela’s previous Miss Universe winner in 2013, said, ” A woman’s beauty isn’t 90, 60, 90… It is measured by each one’s talent.” Previously, presenters would tell the audience the exact size of each contestant for which many of them went through many cosmetic surgeries before participating.

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