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Pakistan Demands UN Security Council to Call Out India on Kashmir Brutality

At the UN General Assembly debate on the annual report of the 15-member Security Council, Pakistan’s Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi put forward the country’s stance on the Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Demanding the UN Security Council to intervene and oblige India to end the two-month-long curfew in the region, Lodhi called out the council’s inefficiency and disinterest over the crucial matter.

“This travesty must end. In our region,” she said affirmatively.

Adding further she said, “Faced with the illegal Indian annexation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, on 5 August 2019, the grim reality of occupation has become ever starker for the Kashmiri people. The darkness that has been imposed on the occupied territory shows no sign of being lifted.”

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Reminding UNSC of its 11 resolutions on Kashmir issue, the ambassador spoke of facts and their repercussions in the South Asian region; all the while pointing out on the Council’s inability to curb the violence.

“The festering Jammu and Kashmir dispute, serves, not only as a reprehensible face to a brutal and suppressive occupation but also a constant reminder to the solemn commitment that the Security Council, through its several resolutions – at least eleven – made to the Kashmiri people, promising them their right to self-determination,” said Lodhi.

“Pakistan seeks a Council that is democratic, effective, accountable to member states and in sync with the contemporary world,” she added.

Ambassador Lodhi reiterated that when the UN fails to fulfill its responsibility towards bringing peace, the consequences are paid in blood over a generation.

“In the case of Kashmir, this bloodletting has lasted over seventy years, and has accounted for the lives of over 95,000 Kashmiris, including countless women and children,” she reminded the 193-member assembly of the grave reality.

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