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Satire: Zealous Patriots Demand Army Operation against Rain

Note: This is a work of Satire, but please do take it very seriously.

“Barish ka jo yar hai
Ghaddar hai ghaddar hai”

These chants grew louder and louder in the Pindi stadium after the rain stopped play in the on-going test match in Rawalpindi between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Speaking to our correspondent on the ground, many patriots demanded army operation against rain.

Barish ko chowk per lakta diana cahieye. Ye sub corrupt hukumrano ke wajah se horaha hai. Barish ka trial military court mai chalna cahieye. Mai to kheta hon Army operation shuru hona cahieye,” said one guy donning an “I love New York t-shirt”.

“Han bhai han, ap sahe keh rahey hai,” chanted many others.

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Soon they started throwing their chapals, sandals, and shoes towards the sky. The rain, however, did not relent.

Minister of Non-Science tweeted that this is an act of aggression by Indian lobby.

“Sports, weather and war should not mix. Indian lobby is trying to mess up cricket’s return to Pakistan. We will fight them till the last drop of rain,” the minister stressed.

“The money coming in from the UK as a gift for the noble, honest, hard-working philanthropic individual, will be invested in making a covered stadium in Baharia town. Then no lobby can stop from playing cricket,” he added.

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