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World Athletics Championships 2022: History, Venue, Top Athletes, and Betting Tips

World Athletics Championships 2022World Athletics Championships 2022 | OyeYeah News

The World Athletics Championships is more or less the Olympics for athletes. The event is staged every two years, and it is conducted and overseen by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The athletic championships first came into existence in 1976, and it was in reaction to the International Olympic Committee leaving out the men’s 50 km walk from the schedule for the Montreal Olympics in 1976 – an event that has been in existence since 1932.

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History of the World Athletics Championships

The initial idea of having an athletics world championships was available, but not made known before the first-ever competition event in 1983. In 1913, the IAAF had concluded that the Olympic Games would also serve as the world championship for athletes.

This was considered okay for close to 60 years, until towards the end of the 1960s, when the ambition for the IAAF members to own their world championship began to grow. In 1976, at the council meeting of the IAAF in Puerto Rico, a game for the separation from the Olympic games was approved. Following the proposals to host the event from Stuttgart, West Germany, and Helsinki, Finland, the council gave the inaugural competition to Helsinki in 1983. The venue was the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, where the summer Olympics of 1952 was held.

In recent times, the competition has enlarged a lot in size and events. For instance, in 1983, approximately 1,300 athletes from about 154 countries contested. However, in the last edition in 2019, in Doha, Qatar, the event had 1772 athletes from 206 countries.

Top Events at the 2022 World Athletics Championships

The athletic championship is the bedrock for any field and track competitor, having every athlete praying and dreaming of the likelihood of winning a gold medal in this particular event. All road leads to these games, and you can enjoy the best of athletics displays in events such as:

  • The 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters sprints.
  • The 4×100 meters, 4×400 meters, and mixed 4×400 meters relays.
  • 400 meters hurdle.
  • 3000 meters, 5000 meters, and 10,000 meters long-distance events.
  • The 1500 meters middle distance event.

Venue for the 2022 World Athletics Championship

The 2022 world championships in athletics, the 18th version of the world athletics championships, are slated to be held in 2022 in the United States of America, Eugene, Oregon. Initially, the competition was scheduled for August 6-15th in 2021, but due to other factors, mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a postponement.


On the 8th of April 2020, the world athletics announced that the event would take place from the 15th until the 24th of July 2022. The championships will be held at Eugene, Oregon’s just-renovated University of Oregon Hayward Field. This venue has a 30,000 capacity, and has also hosted the 2021 NCAA Division Outdoor Track, the Field Championships, and 2020 the United States Track and Field Olympic Trials.

Top Athletes in the World Athletics Championships History

Both men and women have had the opportunity to contest and compete at the world athletics championships since 1983. In athletics, the best three athletes in every event get gold, silver, and bronze medals each.

Here are a few of the top athletes to have competed in the world athletics championship:

  • Usain Bolt (Jamaica)
  • Justin Gatlin (USA)
  • Christian Coleman (USA)
  • Raymond Stewart (Jamaica)
  • Bruny Surin (Canada)
  • Marc Raquel (France)
  • Gwen Torrence (USA)
  • Katrina Krabbe (Germany)
  • Merlene Ottey (Jamaica)

The list includes both the world junior championships and the world senior championship (male and female), who have won gold and silver medals and have remained relevant as an athlete. They have all competed in the 100m race, down to the 10,000m race and hurdles.


The World Athletics Championships will be taking place in Eugene, and this would be the first time in the history of the athletics championships that a competition would be held in the United States of America. This event will most definitely bring athletes from all over the world to compete at one of its nicest running tracks in the world. How exciting could this be?

The World Athletics has also made it known that athletes would qualify by their World Athletics Rankings status. Countries with no male or female athletes who meet up with the entry standard, or do not have a qualified relay team may proceed with one unqualified male or female athlete in just one event of the championship. At the end of the qualification period, the world athletes’ status would be published and used to invite more athletes to the world championship, if the target number of athletes has not been achieved for the event.

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