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iPhone 2018 Changed Names, Dual SIM And More

As we all know the 2018’s iPhone line up will be called iPhone XS and XS Plus and iPhone 9 for budget level iPhone, but there are some rumors circulating on internet that Apple has changed the names of the 2018 iPhones.

iPhone XS will be the same but as for massive display 6.5 iPhone it will be called iPhone XS MAX. MAX, for big display size and cheaper iPhone, will be called iPhone XC. I think C is for Cheaper like it used to be back in days of the iPhone 5c. iPhone C series is more affordable one for all iPhones.

According to rumors the 2018’s iPhone will have a dual sim capability. Well it’s something everyone has done in the past but for iPhone loyalists this will definitely be an amazing news. will be amaze to listen.

Concept designer Ben Geskin has also taken to Twitter showing what appears to be a set of iPhone XC prototypes in red, white and blue color options. Geskin is usually known for his renders and photoshops, but the designer claims that the phones featured in this leak are the “real deal”.

We will find it out in 2 days at the Apple Launch Event as to what is true and what is not. In the meantime you can check the iPhone XC prototype/Clone.

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