Join Rabia Anum for a Truly ‘Piyara Ramazan’

This Ramazan Express Entertainment brings you a transmission unlike any other. Making the Holy Month even more unique, ‘Piyara Ramzan’ takes place in our very own town, and the environment truly makes all the difference.

Rabia Anum starts off the transmission in full spirits, revealing the never-before-seen location, which mirrors the beautiful Karachi architecture, with a personalized Express Market of its own! Early on in the tour, which does not feel like any ordinary transmission, our host introduces us to Chef Samia, who is always making something delicious, such as Tandoori Momos or Mongolian Meatballs, always something we can learn at home for a fantastic post-iftar meal. The celebrity meet-up right after makes the moment even better, with special guest stars such as Amar Khan, Sami Khan, and Sharmila Faruqui. They make their surprise appearances in the Irani Café, gazebo garden area, or anywhere they can have a chat.

What makes Piyara Ramazan even more remarkable is the Kid’s Storytime segment with Babur Junaid Jamshed! The informational vlogger hosts this Piyari Nasihat with children eager to learn about their religious history, with Rabia Anum joining them in an adorable discussion. After the wholesome session, we cue to The Kitchen Master cook-out, monitored by Celebrity Chef Ammara Noman, the primary judge, making the call on who stays and who goes home.

Now, not only do we get to meet the lovely Rabia Anum every day, but we get scrumptious cooking lessons, a chance to see different celebrity guests and piyaray mehmaan. This is followed by an educational children’s special that we can watch with our families and a sizzling cooking competition to keep us entertained until we open our Roza!

For an exceptionally unique experience this blessed month, watch Piyara Ramazan daily.

Written by: Karishma Soorty

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