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Mawra Hocane speaks out against the Salman Khan verdict

Salman Khan,  it is said that he is a human being with a heart of gold but what use is this heart of gold when he’s subjected to a trial for poaching? And since the verdict is now out, with Khan convicted to 5 years in prison for the poaching of a rare specie of black bucks, already near extinction, it seems the decision isn’t really going down well with his fans around the world.

Just In: Salman Khan To Spend The Night In Jail

Some feel that judgement delayed is a flawed judgement. Some think Khan is punished because he is Muslim. Various celebrities, including Jaya Bachan, Shilpa Shinde spoke out against the judgement. Also celebs on this side of the border too are siding up with Salman Khan, speaking out in his support.

Taking to her Twitter the younger of the Hocane sisters, Mawra Hocane, tweeted and expressed her support for the Bollywood actor. “In a world with no “NO” human rights, a great human being is being punished for killing an animal umpteen years ago under animal rights.” She further added “Bash me all you want, but there’s something completely wrong about it.. mind you such human beings are our saving grace!”


Well it seems that some people are not happy with her thoughts and as expected, Mawra has come under the line of fire.

Even Ushna Shah doesn’t agree with what Mawra had to say

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