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The Viral Videos And Pictures Of A Gambling House In Saudi Arabia Are A Hoax

Social Media, where there are numerous benefits of this ever growing web, there are a few, but rather hazardous drawbacks as well. Currently, we are being bombarded with images of a new poker house/gambling house having opened in Saudi Arabia, and that too from licenses of the establishment.

The social media as usual has erupted in a wave of criticism, people following the cliche monkey see, monkey do and not bothering to check for facts before commenting or criticizing what they see.

These pictures are everywhere on social media claiming that Saudi Arabia has now opened up its first ever gambling house, with the approval of the religious establishment’s Fatwa. Well, that’s totally wrong. These pictures are basically of the first-ever “Baloot” championship, which is being held from April 4 to April 18 2018, at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center in the capital city of Riyadh.

12000 participants will be taking part in this cards competition, which is organised under the supervision of the General Sports Authority (GSA) of Saudi Arabia.

“Baloot” is an old Arabian card game, similar to the French version called “Belote” and is quite popular with the Saudis. The competition is getting a lot of attention in the Middle East because of its huge prize money. The top four players will be awarded prize money which will be more than SR1 million ($270,000) cumulatively.

Saudi Arabia has been long known for its ultra-conservative mores. However, the kingdom has now embarked on a wide-ranging programme of social reforms under the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, leading to modernization driver. The reforms introduced includes boosting sports and entertainment and allowing women to drive from June.

While people mindlessly follow what they see on the internet and jump the bandwagon, we believe, its best to first check for facts. After all, each coin has two sides. Why jump to conclusions so fast? Do we have so much time on our hands that we judge just about everything that comes our way? What about our own reasoning? We’re Ashraf-al-makhlokaat, the superior of all living things. We have a power to reason, why don’t we just put it to use, now, when its most needed.

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