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Adnan Malik calls out tourists for littering Miranjani trails

"I expect better and hope each one of you makes smart sustainable choices", he said


Adnan Malik calls out tourists for littering Miranjani trails in a social media post.

Pakistan’s popular actor went out hiking during his trip to Northern areas but was left annoyed by the garbage thrown at the Miranjani trails by the tourists.

Expressing his disappoinment, the Cake star shared a note on his Instagram along with his trip’s photos accompanied by ace Pakistani director Saqib malik.

“It’s crazy to me that we journey to these incredibly scenic places to be photographed in front of raw, natural beauty, while simultaneously littering it so heartlessly,” he wrote.

Adnan went on saying that, “Are we that vain as a species that while we obsess over the perfect picture, we can’t carry our garbage back and dispose of it properly in a trash bin? To just dump our plastic refuse right there and ruin the experience for others?”.

“Don’t we think about the animals and birds that will suffer because of this inorganic, man-made creation that may poison or kill them? Or do we assume that someone will come & clean it up after us? Or that it will naturally decompose”, he further added

“As all of you know, I love mama nature and travel around the world to experience her in all her glory. In those travels, I’ve realised two things about Pakistan,” Malik continued.

“First, we are blessed with exceptional landscape and wilderness at par with the best in the world, and secondly, that our people (especially our youth) are not respectful of this because no matter where I go in Pakistan there are plastic wrappers, bottles, and bags littered on paths, dumped in bushes or abandoned at picnic sites.”

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He also shard about the conversation he had with the caretaker at Miranjani trails, Adnan added,  “He grievously told me that most of the trash is left behind by field tripping school and college students. This is unacceptable to me”.

“Over 50 percent of my followers are between the ages of 13-24. How can it be that the future of my country, most of you reading this, the people who will Inherit this gorgeous land, be so lazy, so heartless, so selfish as to dump trash in nature?”, the Pyaar Ke Sadqay star added.

 “I expect better and hope each one of you makes smart sustainable choices. Carry a reusable bag with you, stuff it with your trash and toss it into a trashcan when you’re done with the adventure. And if you’ve got a big heart, clean up for others too. They get embarrassed when they see you do it”, said Malik calling out the tourists.

Pakistani actor concluded his post saying: “This planet is the only one we have and if we want it to remain beautiful, sustainable for other species to co-exist and YES, For more epic Instagram photos in dramatic natural landscapes that aren’t filthy. Please clean up after yourselves”.

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