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Ali Abbas Shows his Knack of Playing Versatile Characters with 2 Super hit dramas

We can’t wait to see what else the star has in store for us this year!

Ali-Abbas-Versatile-CharactersAli Abbas as Versatile Characters with 2 Super hit dramas - OyeYeah News

Having proven his mettle in the drama industry some time ago, Ali Abbas is one of those actors who doesn’t need an introduction. We have seen him play all kinds of roles, and his choice of diverse characters is what sets him apart from everyone in the industry.

The actor has been having a great year so far, we have seen him starring in two of the most exciting dramas of the season, Kahin Deep Jalay and Deewangi. Starring as Faham in Kahin Deep Jalay, Ali Abbas impressed us with his immaculate portrayal of a family man who was ready to do anything for his family. He has blown us away once again as he stood out in his performance in a star-studded cast. He brought life to this character in such a brilliant way; it was like we hadn’t just watched him play a negative role in NaqabZan. Even though his character’s story has reached its conclusion, it has laid the ground for what is to happen next in the drama.

The other drama where we are watching him these days is Deewangi, starring him as Haroon, who has single-handedly taken the fun factor of the drama to the double. He plays a lively person who lights up the frame whenever he comes on the screen. It is exciting to see him play this character that he has created to be the most loving, sensible, and trustworthy, as it is entirely different from what we have seen him play before. His role in the drama is very critical to the story, and he has taken it forward in the most justified manner.

Though, this doesn’t look like the end for this dynamic actor for this year. His new drama Tum Ho Wajah has recently started being aired, and we are sure he is going to impress us yet again with his performance in the drama. Ali Abbas is on the rise and rise and is deserving of all the praises that the actor receives. We can’t wait to see what else the star has in store for us this year!

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