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Americans trolled Donald Trump over Hillariously Awful Chief of Staff suggestions

Twitter critics are seizing the opportunity to offer some mocking suggestions


U.S. President Donald Trump, since the time of his Presidency began, had been mocked and criticized by his own citizens whenever he made any statement. Currently, he seems to be having a hard time filling a key role in the White House ― and his Twitter critics are seizing the opportunity to offer some mocking suggestions.

Trump said over the weekend that John Kelly would be leaving the chief of staff position by the end of the year. However, his reported top pick to replace Kelly ― Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff ― said he is leaving the administration by the end of the year as well.

Nick Ayers on Sunday tweeted:

Trump then sent out his own message later in the day playing down his interest in Ayers and saying he was interviewing “some really great people” for the job:


Twitter critics mocked the situation in the White House, attempted to explain why Ayers doesn’t want the job and even offered some less-than-helpful suggestions on who might be next in line for the chief of staff job.

Here’s we have what Americans trolled their President:




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