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Amna Ilyas Reinforces Her Stance on Shattering Beauty Standards

The model has shared her old speech and reiterated that being dark isn't ugly!


Versatile actress Amna Ilyas who is known for her sharp features and extremely attractive personality since her modeling days posted some powerful message on social media. Throwing back to an old video of her award acceptance speech, the actress reiterated that being dark isn’t ugly and cannot hinder one’s success.

“So everybody who thought that I am ugly just because I’m dark… This is the answer to that,” Amna had said in her video as she recalled the remarks she had received from childhood – “haye yeh tou kali hai” being one of the repeated ones.

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“When I started modeling, I was criticized for my color and because of that, I had to work extra hard to prove that my darkness doesn’t mean I’m ugly,” she stated.

“Today I want to say something to the dark-skinned girl reading this, you are not ugly. You are beautiful. You are deserving. Our skin tones should be embraced for the distinct beauty it brings,” the actress has bravely chosen to speak on the topic.


“Follow your dream and don’t let the world of fairness creams and racism stop you,” she concluded.

Amna captioned the video, “the message is still so relevant!” as she shared the video from 2012.


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