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“Simply love my haters!,” Atif Aslam responds

Atif Aslam performed at the Pakistan Independence Day Parade in New York which was a great concert! However, it  ended with an even greater controversy. It was reported that the singer sang an Indian song which the audience thought was a bad choice for the celebration and left midway.


The internet was divided into groups; some supported him and others ridiculed him. Attendees shared their personal experience on Twitter stating ‘no one left’ and it’s fake news but people were quick to judge and spread hate.

Atif has finally responded to the controversy:


The singer also thanked Shafqat Amanat Ali and Armeena Rana Khan for their support along with giving a strong message to his haters. Lets hope,  Naya Pakistan please live up to the expectations, Atif Aslam mentions.

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