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Ayeza Khan thanks husband Danish Taimoor for his appreciation

The Wrong No. actor had earlier taken to his Instagram to thank the women in his life for all that they did.


Staying in quarantine because of the coronavirus lockdown has made people realize a lot of things. Amongst these, is actor Danish Taimoor who took this opportunity and realized how the women in his life, worked round the clock to manage the house, the kids and everything else around them.

“It is important that we all stop and thank the ladies in our lives. In this time of crisis, I realized how hard the women in my family work. Men go out to work and we feel like we do all the work. But sitting at home in isolation you look around and realize how difficult are the duties of our women in our families,” wrote Danish on his Instagram.

“From getting up early for breakfast to taking care of the kids throughout the day, from cleaning up to cooking and taking care of the matter inside and outside the house. It all get unnoticed,” stated the Wrong No. actor.

On an ending note, Danish took the opportunity to thank the women in his life. “Therefore, I just want to thank my wife, my mother, my daughter, and all the others that help me in one way or another and are the reason for where I stand today. I am forever in your debt and will never be able to repay you. Thank You.”


Thanking Danish for his support and acknowledgment, Ayeza also took to her Instagram to thank Danish for the appreciation, he gave her.

“Danish ❤️ Yes, Being Women we always need appreciation from you guys ❤️ Thank-You for helping us in every single matter of our lives,” wrote Ayeza.

Ayeza and Danish are one of the industry’s most popular and loved couple. The duo can currently be seen together in Geo Entertainment’s Maherposh, which only recently aired its first episode.

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