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Esra Bilgic has Refused to Work with Pakistani Makeup Artists and Photographers

Dirilis Ertugrul and its favorite Esra Bilgic has apparently refused to work with Pakistani makeup artists and photographers, said a local photographer Natasha Zubair on Instagram.

“She has refused to work with Pakistani makeup artists and photographers but is still wearing our clothes…and we’re still paying her…the amount we must be paying her,” said Natasha on her Instagram story.

“I don’t blame her. I blame us for being so brainwashed that white and foreign is always the way to go even if you’re clearly being disrespected,” the photographer added.

natashazubair post


Natasha in another story raised voice over the hype Esra has received by brands for endorsements lately and questioned to why the local talent is being neglected. The photographer also declined to comment further on the subject, when approached by a publication and directed towards important issues that should be prioritized instead.

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