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Fawad Khan opens up about his Hajj experience

Fawad Khan is one man who can easily be spotted in a crowd due to his fame however he loved being just one of the many pilgrims while performing Hajj.

He represented Pakistan at the closing ceremony of Hajj hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Media and in an interview with Arab Times, Fawad shared his experience of performing Hajj and how it brought back all his childhood memories from that time as he was in Riyadh from 1986 to 1992 as a child and they used to perform Umrah every year.

“Being one among 2.4 million people is the easiest thing on earth,” the singer turned actor acknowledged. “You feel comfortable because you are in the same space with other people who bare their hearts to God. You feel like any other person among them.”

“It feels nice to be a face in the crowd,” he added, “In a way, it is very refreshing. People during Hajj are so busy and caught up in what they are doing that they don’t have time for these things. They are very considerate. They are very careful about what they are doing.”

While the world might think there’s nothing to fear when it comes to love an attention of that level, Fawad reveals that he feels scared at times given the admiration he receives from his fans and followers.

“When I wake up, I feel just as human as all people do,” he said. “When I see such a massive outpouring of affection and adulation, I feel frightened since being elevated to such a position is something to be feared. It is an honour, yes, but I also feel afraid because the responsibilities are greater.”

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