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Game Of Thrones Starlet Puts A Stop To The Viral Bottle Cap Challenge

Sophie turner tells people to stop the bottle cap challenge in a hilarious video


The bottle cap challenge has taken over social media by storm.

Alot of well known celebrities posted videos on their official Instagram accounts. Including Kendall Jenner, Ellie Goulding, John Mayer, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber.

Recently, the newly wed actress Sophie Turner took up to her official account and brought forth her own version of the bottle cap challenge.


The 23 year old Game of Thrones star is seen sitting in an airplane with a small bottle of wine.

Turner shows us some impressive hand moves in the starting of the video and then dramatically proceeds to open the cap of the bottle with her hands instead.

“Stop this, now!” she says.

Sophie’s expressions are too amusing to be missed out on and she clearly did win the Challenge for us.

Let us know more about your favorite takes on the Bottle Cap Challenge!

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