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Hamza Ali Abbasi Shares An Adorable Picture and Naimal Khawar’s Calligraphy

The actor not only praised his wife and expressed his love but also left us awestruck with Naimal's talent

Naimal Khawar's CalligraphyHamza Ali Abbasi Shares An Adorable Picture and Naimal Khawar's Calligraphy - OyeYeah News

Hamza Ali Abbasi is often seen showing affection for his wife Naimal Khawar on social media and his latest picture was no different. This time however the Waar actor left his fans noticing a particular detail in the picture that was taken over two years ago.

In his recent post on Instagram that was filled with love and praise of Naimal, Hamza and wife were seen in front of beautiful calligraphy which Naimal had made for her now-husband when they were friends. And while we are all ‘aww’ over the adorable caption of the picture, the calligraphy has left us awestruck.

“We took this picture almost 2 yrs ago when I asked my artist friend for painting & she made me this beautiful calligraphy,” wrote Hamza.

“I had absolutely no idea that this friend of mine will become my wife and Allah’s most precious gift for me,” the Alif actor went on to profess his love for his wife.

“Thank you Allah for making me fall in love with this amazing and beautiful human being and thank you for making her love me back. 7 months have gone by since we got married and I thank Allah for every second I spend with you,” concluded Hamza with a I love you note.


All our prayers go out for Hamza and his beautiful, talented wife who surely has the capability to stroke beauty on the canvas and his life.

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