Humaima Malick Does Not Want to Have a Daughter

The actress accepts that it's a blessing with a tremendous responsibility


Actress Humaima Malick who is like a Godmother to her sister Dua Malick’s son does not have a child yet, but when she does, she has a rather peculiar wish. The actress recently appeared in a talk show where she admitted that she does not want to have a daughter whenever she has a child. Calling it a great blessing with huge responsibility, the Khuda Kay Liye actress had her reasons for not wanting a girl child.

“I don’t want to have a daughter. The reason for it is that it will be a huge responsibility on my shoulders. They are indeed a blessing but also a great responsibility,” said Humaima on Ahsan Khan’s talk show that she attended with her sister Dua.

P”I am so possessive about my sister. I can’t even imagine what I would be like with my daughter. If I have a daughter I won’t be able to let go of her; I know this about myself,” Humaima further said.

The actress also spoke of her plan of remarrying in a light mood as she wished for a “fair, tall, handsome, rich” man with a “nice car, blue eyes, and a blue dress”.

However, on a serious note, the actress wished to marry someone like her father who she considered a prime example of a husband.

“I need a person like my father. Like my father supported my mother throughout, I want someone who does the same for me. Like my father respected my mother, I want my husband to respect me,” said the actress.

“He should keep my journey and history into consideration and build me up, even more, both on an emotional and mental level,” she concluded.

the authorAisha Arshad