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If ‘Money Heist’ Was Made In Pakistan, These Are The Actors We Would Want To Cast

And we are damn sure, our local stars could have taken Money Hesit to the next level!

made-in-akistanPakistani actors as cast in Money Heist if it would have made in the country - OyeYeah News

Money Heist’s latest season made waves all around the world and impressed by its immense popularity we’re taking the liberty here of assigning our choices of the series characters to Pakistani actors.

Here at Oyeyeah, we’ve been thinking of a Pakistani version of the entire star cast. Here are our local picks:

1. Fawad Khan as Professor


2. Sarwar Gilani as Raquel Murillo


3. Sheefa Jabbar Khattak as Tokyo


4. Bilal Abbas Khan as aka Rio


5. Saba Qamar as Nairobi


6.  Hamza Ali Abbasi as Helsinki


7.  Yasir Nawaz as Moscow


8.  Imran Ashraf as Palermo Imran-Ashraf-as-Palermo

9. Mansha Pasha as Alica Sierra Mansha-Pasha-as-Alica-Sierra

10. Shamoon Abbasi as Arturo RomanShamoon-Abbasi-as-Arturo-Roman

11. Ahmed Ali Butt as Angel Rubio Ahmed-Ali-Butt-as-Angel-Rubio

12. Mohib Mirza as Gandia


13. Annie Khalid as Monica


14. Adnan Siddiqui as Marseille


15. HSY as Colonel Prieto


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