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Kristen Stewart walks the 2018 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet BAREFOOT!

Take it from the star of twilight, Kristen Stewart to act like a boss! Kristen apparently ditched her heels at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and walked the red carpet barefoot in what seemed like a protest against the ‘no flats’ policy put forward by the Cannes Film Festival.

Stewart is quite famous for her rebellious and activist attitude. This wont be the first time that she has made such a statement. There has been countless moments where Kristen was spotted wearing sneakers to the red carpet on several occasions an speaking out against the regressive dress codes of these events.

Kristen’s applaud worthy attempt at the red carpet caused quite a stir on social media, where many users along with her fans commended her for speaking up. According to Kristen, “If there is no policy asking the guys to wear heels and a dress at the Cannes then the women shouldn’t be asked to either and that women and men should be treated equally no matter what the occasion.”

Kristen’s act to walk the red carpet barefoot was clearly a form of protest against the controversial dress code put forward by the Cannes. In 2015, Cannes came under much fire for allegedly implementing a heels an dress policy for women and what Kristen Stewart did showed that gender inequality still prevails and she’s all for women empowerment and equality. We heart you Kristen!

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