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Mahira shares her thoughts for #MeToo movement

Whether you misuse the #metoo movement or delay accountability on it, the result is the same –death,” says Mahira.

Mahira Shares her Thoughts for #MeToo movementThe Superstar actor took to Instagram and shared a throwback photo with her son Azlaan - OyeYeah News

It has been two years since the movement against sexual violence #MeToo emerged on social media and gave so many a voice breaking the fear of silence against sexual predators.

Along with many other parts of the world, the campaign was launched in Pakistan as well and encouraged men and women to speak up against harassment.

With hundreds and thousands of people posting #MeToo, the social media has been swept over with the stories in recent years that people openly raised their voices used it as a means to help tell their stories and exposed the perpetrators, while on the other hand, many even misused the movement for their own benefit.

Recently, Mahira Khan shared her thoughts for the movement and burst out against the wrong use of the cause.

“It angers me that an innocent man would kill himself because of wrongly being accused and it boils my blood that another can roam around free after raping someone. Whether you misuse the #metoo movement or delay accountability on it, the result is the same –death,” she tweeted.

Mahira, in the tweet, spoke about her annoyance while speaking against the recent incident in which a college professor committed suicide after he was accused of false harassment charges, what he did not commit.

Giving the reference of the tragic news, Mahira said that it rages her that those who did nothing wrong were being questioned and were taken to the court to prove themselves, and on the other side the real rapists are not even held accountable.

She said that it is absolutely necessary that the real offenders should be held accountable for their offences and be punished by the law.

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