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Mansha Pasha confirms Jibran Nasir tests negative for coronavirus, also shares a message for all those taking the virus lightly!

"Please stay at home," stresses the actress

Mansha PashaMansha Pasha confirms Jibran Nasir tests negative for coronavirus - OyeYeah News

Upon his return from the US, Jibran Nasir, Mansha Pasha’s fiance underwent a test for coronavirus to rule out any symptoms he had been experiencing. Upon his test results, which came out negative, Mansha Pasha took to her Instagram to share a message for all those who had been taking coronavirus very lightly.

“Corona virus is a tough time. Jibran just had his test yesterday after finding out someone he met in the US had just tested positive for coronavirus. Since his return from the US we couldn’t meet, I was afraid. He was concerned for everyone elses health who may have been affected,” wrote Mansha on her Instagram confirming that Jibran’s tests had come out negative.


The actress then thanked the Coronavirus response team and the Sindh Government for taking prompt action. Mansha then requested people how essential it was for everyone to stay at home for the sake of their families.

“PLS STAY AT HOME. For your mom, for your dad, for your grandparents. This virus will affect them the most severely. Take all necessary precautions. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands,” requested Mansha while she sent out love and prayer for everyone.

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