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Mawra Hocane is Up for a Candid Talk with Fans in #AskMawra

Mawra Hocane is one of the most trending Pakistani celebrities on Twitter nowadays, thanks to her recent #AskMawra hashtag that has kicked off a candid talk with the fans. Under the hashtag, the actress is opening up freely with her followers and has a lot to share.

In one of the earliest questions, Mawra was asked about the best compliment she has gotten and this is what she had to say.

“That my ma raised me right,” tweeted the JPNA 2 actress.

Another fan asked her if she ever wishes to slap someone, who would that person be.

“I have this urge sometimes but I can never ever ever slap anyone. I’d rather cry than take out my anger on someone,” the actress responded.

When asked about her best friends from the industry, Mawra replied, “Wasay Chaudhry and MK)” adding that she’s not sure if those two also reciprocate her feelings.

Mawra was also asked about the cause closest to her heart and the beautiful actress said it’s education.

“Girls education! I try to silently contribute to it as much as I can,” the actress revealed.

In a rather intimate question, a fan asked if Mawra wishes to give advice to her younger self what would she say.

“I think I was too harsh on myself growing up.. I’d tell myself to take it easy & that everything will be alright eventually,” she candidly replied.

While the trend is still quite hyped up on Twitter, you too can ask Mawra a question you like. From where we see it, she’s quite on a spree of fan interaction.


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