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Actress Mehreen Shah accuses Indian film producer Raj Gupta of sexual harassment

Mehreen Shah made startling accusations of sexual harassment in a video message from Baku

Pakistani actress Mehreen Shah accuses Indian producer and director, Raj Gupta of harassment!

The actress is currently in Baku for the shooting of a project levelled serious allegations against the Indian film director and shared a detailed account in a video message.

Mehreen Shah is a Pakistani social media star who has earned popularity through the lip-syncing app, TikTok and has more than 126.517K+ followers on the platform.

For those unserved, Indian producer and director, Raj Gupta, has worked on several Bollywood movies including Raid, No One Killed Jessica, India’s Most Wanted, and others.

Mehreen Shah’s video message which has gone viral on social media said that “I am currently in Baku, I came to Baku for the shoot of Ahsan Zaidi, a director from Karachi, but after coming here, I faced pressure and sexual harassment. I can’t explain.”


Mehreen Shah added that producer Rajgupta spoke to her many times on the sets which she ignored but “now I have decided that I will not remain silent.”

She further said that Rajgupta also held her hand on which she slapped him while director Ahsan Ali Zaidi, (for whose shoot I came to Baku), kept laughing at us.

Mehreen Shah said, “they didn’t even give me food on the last day of the shoot, because I refused what these people wanted, prostitutes have been coming to our hotel, I don’t know about Zaidi but Rajgupta used to invite the prostitutes for whom I had kept quiet, I was busy with my work and when I got very sick during the trip, they did not even take me to the hospital.”

She said, “During the shooting, they both were trying to come close to me. One day, they revealed their intention to me. But when I refused to listen to both of them, they started behaving badly to me.”

Mehreen even claimed that they didn’t even give her food because she disobeyed them.

“The person on the set who had nothing to do with me took me to the hospital after which they accused me of being related to that person and kept telling me things on the set, I tolerated it at first but then I warned them that this is all unprofessional, you can’t slander me, after which they both dominated me, but now I have decided to return and I am returning to my ticket from Baku.”

In a video message, the actress appealed to all the women with teary eyes and folded hands saying that “My motive behind sharing these things is that if anyone works with these people or goes anywhere with them, There is a warning for them not to work with them, I was given a lot of stress during this trip, I was sexually harassed many times, I don’t know for what purpose they brought me or the rest of the girls here.”


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