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Momina Mustehsan & Shireen Mazari are in a Twitter feud over #KoKoKorina and its hilarious!

Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir have been at the receiving end of a lot of trolls owing to their latest, rather poor, rendition of the hit classic Ko Ko Korina. The song, as soon as it was released, started receiving a lot of flak from admirers of the original song. Even Waheed Murad’s son, Adil Muraad, has apologized to his father’s fan for allowing such a bad remake to be made for his father’s song.


But what is fun, is the Twitter exchange between Human Rights minister Shireen Mazari and the lead singer of the song, Momina Mustehsan.

Earlier in the day, Shireen Mazari commented how the rendition of the song was completely horrible.

The tweet was answered by Momina Mustehsan, who appeared quite miffed,

Again, Mazari was quick to reply, stating it was her personal opinion and nothing else

But Momina Mustehsan thought it was outright hate speech and fuel for cyber bullies,

And Shireen Mazari then had had enough of her nonsense.



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  1. It’s fine to say one doesn’t like a song.However,Ms.Mazari can dish out criticism,but can’t take it.Years ago a gentleman criticized her in a letter to the editor of a newspaper.Because she’d spoken sympathetically about those who’re believed to be behind terrorist attacks in Pakistan.Some say that some of these terrorists wouldn’t have resorted to all this if they hadn’t been wronged,and thus they’re not totally bad.Maybe.When this gent criticized her for defending killers,Ms.Mazari flared up and blasted him in a letter to the editor titled,”Petty”.If u criticize Ms.Mazari’s offering,you’re petty.If she excessively criticizes Momina’s and Ahad’s offering,she’s exercising her right to freedom of speech.Double standards.

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