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Nana Patekar not cleared by police in Tanushree Dutta harassment case

Following the global #MeToo campaign last year, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta came forward with her case alleging she was harassed by veteran actor Nana Patekar on sets of film Horn Ok Pleasss in 2008. Following the public claim, Tanushree went on to file an FIR against the actor setting forth an example and giving birth to a full fledged #MeToo movement in India.

While the case has been quiet for a while, recently Tanushree’s lawyer came forward stating that silence should not be taken as Nana’s innocence. Talking to the press, he claimed that Nana’s team was using unscrupulous means to thwart the investigation, misleading and intimidating the witnesses.

“[The rumour] is also meant to put some pressure on the investigation agencies. They have put obstacles in the investigation and are trying to mislead the police agency. For that purpose we are going to move an application seeking action against Nana Patekar and four other accused,” he said.

Adding further, the lawyer added, “10-15 witnesses’ statements were recorded. We have an audio statement of one of the key witnesses. We have an audio recording which we will present before the police at the appropriate time.”

Dispelling rumors of Nana being cleared of all the charges of harassment, the lawyer said, “No clean chit has been given by the police. No summary report or charge sheet has been filed against the accused person (Nana Patekar). The FIR was registered against four people on October 10, 2018, under Section 354. Thereafter, the accused persons lost their jobs. So deliberately they are spreading these rumours to get sympathy and work in the industry.”

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