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Nausheen Shah all set to address 200 women at “Inspire Her”

From her versatile roles on screen to her high-fashion looks, Nausheen Shah has made her impression in the media with grace by staying ahead of the game. She believes it is her social responsibility as a citizen, to inspire and motivate the younger generation of Pakistan, which will help shape the future of women in Pakistan for a better tomorrow.

Nausheen is looking forward to sharing her story at “Inspire Her”; an event by SWOP (Superwoman Of Pakistan), where she will be interacting with 200 aspiring women entrepreneurs attending the event.

“This event means a lot to me. Women empowerment to me is enlightenment, support and being a guiding light for each other. Women need to support women rather than being their competition or backstabbing their hard work and efforts,” said Nausheen brimming with enthusiasm.

Nausheen is looking forward to being a part of the event and meeting the audience. She states that even if she can inspire one woman by sharing her struggles and journey to success, she will feel the satisfaction of her effort of taking responsibility towards Women Empowerment.


“Inspire Her” is an event hosted by Superwomen of Pakistan; a large Facebook group with around 25,000 strong and motivated women, to honor and share their entrepreneurial journey. The event will be held at Regent Plaza, Karachi on August 4th, 2018.

Nausheen Shah started her career in 2002 with the drama industry of Pakistan. Immediately gained popularity and recognition because of her unique style of dialogue delivery and effortless acting. With multiple nominations as the best leading actress, supporting actress and a style icon,  Nausheen Shah holds over 40 dramas under her belt,  which includes  Mera Saeen, Pani Jaisa Pyaar, Zid and Dugdugi being her most popular.


Besides currently working on her upcoming projects, Nausheen is actively spending her time in being a source of support for younger women in Pakistan.


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