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PM Khan did nothing for sports in Pakistan, Boxer Amir Khan

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has alleged incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan did ‘nothing for sports in Pakistan’ after assuming power.

In a recent interview, the boxer said that he would himself like to take up the task of promoting sports in Pakistan adding that “I had ex-PM Nawaz Sharif that give me land and I will open a boxing academy there”.

The boxer praised PM Imran Khan as a ‘great sports player and a great politician’, however, saying that he has ‘not done much for sports’.

“So you know even though he is a great person but for sports he has not done nothing. Being a sportsman, he has not done anything for sports,” said the boxing star.

Amir Khan went on with saying, “all the people in Pakistan are crying”.

The boxing champion credited himself for being “the only person that does anything for sports” adding that he was taking Pakistani boxers ‘around the world to put them in fights’.

Amir Khan revealed that on several occasions in Pakistan he wanted to establish more boxing academies, but he was not getting the help to do so.

Khan alleged that a government minister visited his boxing academy several times, made some pictures and left, and nothing was done after that.

“There should be at least 10-15 boxing academies in Pakistan because there are so many boxers in Pakistan but nothing’s happening so that’s why I said that Imran khan, being a sports man, he is not really backing sports, ” Khan added.

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